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Meta-analysis and Evidence-based Medicine Training in Cardiology

December 2006 newsletter (posted on 20/12/2006)
Time for changes here at COMET. After the recent website restyling, the unofficial headquarters of COMET will move to Turin, in early February 2006. We all hope this will enable further development of our projects thanks to the everyday contact with health care students and practitioners affiliated with the University of Turin. Coming back to our main aim, additional meta-analyses on drug-eluting stents have been recently presented, increasing the interest on this study design but also potentially confounding readers with conflicting reports (eg Bavry et al, Holmes et al, and Nordmann et al). As always in such cases, our recommendation is for as unbiased as possible systematic reviewing efforts, hopefully through universal collaboration of interested researchers and parties. Just to remind that this is possible and worthwhile, take a little time glancing at the classic work of the Antiplatelet Trialists' Collaboration, including as many as 287 studies and 212 000 patients. Last but not least, happy holidays!

November 2006 newsletter (posted on 23/11/2006)
The COMET website has finally completed its first restyling, after less than 2 years, and we are happy to present its novel webpages to all those interested in cardiovascular research and evidence-based medicine. This is indeed an exciting time to become involved in evidence-based cardiovascular medicine, as shown by the tremendous impact that very recent meta-analyses presented at the 2006 World Congress of Cardiology in Barcelona have had on the field of interventional cardiology (Camenzind et al, Nordmann et al).

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