Meta-analysis and Evidence-based Medicine Training in Cardiology
The website is dedicated to meta-analysis and evidence-based medicine training in cardiology. It is sponsored by the Meta-analysis and Evidence-based medicine Training in Cardiology (METCARDIO) Group, currently headquartered in Turin, Italy, and formerly known as the Center for Overview, Meta-analysis, and Evidence-based Medicine Training (COMET). The focus of the website is on clinical research methods and evidence-based cardiovascular medicine with a specific interest in interventional cardiology and peripheral cardiovascular interventions. Nonetheless, there is plenty of training and research opportunities for other evidence-based endeavors, eg in anesthesiology, critical care medicine, and psychiatry.

The importance of biostatistics and evidence-based medicine (EBM) is steadily growing. In recognition of the usefulness of acquiring and maintaining - Home
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the skills inherent to evidence-based experimental and clinical studies (including systematic reviews and meta-analyses), a non-profit
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collaborative effort was started in late 2003 by a handful of enthusiastic clinician investigators in Italy with the name of COMET (Center of Overview, Meta-analysis, and Evidence-based Medicine Training): Antonio Abbate, Pierfrancesco Agostoni, Giuseppe Biondi-Zoccai, Francesco Burzotta, and Luca Testa.

Since these early efforts our group has further enlarged and now involves a number of clinical researchers actively involved in EBM and biostatistics working across the Atlantic. Such growth lead us to change our group name into Meta-analysis and Evidence-based Medicine Training in Cardiology (METCARDIO) in late 2007.

Whereas interventional cardiology remains a specific focus for METCARDIO, several projects are active in research areas as diverse as anesthesiology, critical care medicine, pediatric cardiology, and psychiatry.

The main aim of the METCARDIO project is to provide both on-site and distance support to clinicians and allied health-care workers interested in EBM and biostatistics. These efforts should enable self or directed learning according to the specific individual needs and previous knowledge levels. METCARDIO has the long-term ambition of providing high-quality yet practical help in supporting the diffusion and refinement of EBM skills in order to improve worldwide health care. For additional details on previous endeavors of the METCARDIO group, please have a look at our related references.

Those wishing to become involved in activities of METCARDIO can contact the nearest member.